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6-APB; Benzo Fury

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6-APB(Benzo fury) is a synthetic research chemical for sale at Qualityresearchchemical. Buy 6-apb powder form or buy 6-apb pellets. 6-apb research chemical is not intended for human or vertinary use but for laboratory and research purposes.
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6-(2-Aminopropyl)benzofuran (also known as 6-APB or by the brand-name Benzofury) is a novel synthetic entactogen of the phenethylamine and benzofuran chemical classes. Like its structurally related analog MDA, it produces a powerful, long-lived array of entactogenic and mild psychedelic effects such as anxiety relief, disinhibition, enhanced feelings of empathy, affection, and sociability, muscle relaxation, perceptual distortions and euphoria when administered.

6-APB was first synthesized and studied in 1993 by medicinal chemist and psychedelics researcher David E. Nichols as a potential non-neurotoxic alternative to MDMA for the purposes of psychotherapy.However, it did not come into popular recreational use until over a decade later, where it briefly entered the rave scene and global research chemicals market, particularly in the "legal highs" market in the United Kingdom. It along with other novel benzofuran entactogens was briefly sold under the name "Benzofury".

6-APB has been commonly marketed alongside research chemical entactogens like 5-MAPB and 5-APB as a legal, grey-market alternative to MDMA, and is typically commercially distributed through online research chemical vendors.

Due to its potent entactogenic and stimulant effects, concerns over potential toxicity, and dependence and addiction producing effects if misused, it is highly advised that one take proper precautions, conduct independent research, and use harm reduction practices if choosing to use this potent and long-lasting psychostimulant.

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